Tension Into Lightness

March 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

“I release tension and embrace lightness”

It seems that in drawing this card, we are being reminded and nudged to lighten up and bring playfulness into our situations. And with Mercury Retrograde coming around for the next few weeks [March 30th until April 23rd] a valuable message indeed.

I don’t know about you … but I felt Mercury ramping up last week! Oy!

The card is Squirreltail Grass from Melanie Eclare’s Flower Spirit Cards and relates to where we are in the here and now. As in the Reiki precepts … ‘Just for today, do not worry.’

“If there is something worrying you, or churning in your mind, try this simple exercise. Write it down on a piece of paper – just let it all out, writing a stream of consciousness without stopping to read what you are putting down. Then, when you feel everything has been expressed and is no longer running around your mind, ritually release the thoughts by tearing up the paper and throwing it away or burning it. Just let it all go.” – Melanie Eclare – Flower Spirit Cards

So, I know what I will be doing in a few minutes … ! Fire baby. Burn!

Life Force

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Opened the pack of Wicca Cards with the intention of shuffling and pulling a card for today’s Wow … and one card literally jumped from the deck onto the floor and slid out of reach. Laughed. One of those moments where you just kind of look up and say “OK! Picking up the card!!” …

Reading through the description/Meaning I am shaking my head. No this doesn’t … then I read, ” If you are stressed or unwell, the Horned God indicates that you may need this time to “be natural,” to be yourself. … Let go.”

Don’t know about you and how your day has been going … but I see this need to find what makes ME happy very much so. But beyond our desires, it’s also about what we already have that makes us happy. Like looking out the open [yay! warmer days!] back door at 3 cats and my neighbors apple tree, which is adorned with various wind chimes and strings of tiny mirrors and lights, with blossom buds beginning to swell. The cats laying in the sun and blinking their love at me. This brings a longer look and an opening of heart and a loving smile. This is happiness and I am most thankful for … everything.

And … WORD … go see what’s up at I M Muse while your reading.

love you! stay in touch! G!


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Today’s card : Intention from the Wicca Book by Sally Morningstar

Intention on this card is manifested as a wand. Wands are used in magic and energy healing as an extension of the healer’s energies. Wands are used to conduct music. To find water. To apply make-up! [talk about magic!]

Intention guides action and the wand focuses and extends this intention outward. “Wand … shows that the universe is waiting to act according to the decisions you make, giving YOU the element of choice in the way that you move forward. ”

Maintain Focus and Challenge Apathy

Sending you my love in the form of Blue Shakti. She is dancing around you to the sound of the wind only and drawing your intention with her wand [more in my case, hands] Release to what is. Universe awaits.

stay in touch … gayle

Do You See What’s Happening Here?

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This day … this day i kept coming across all sorts of divination tools that I have. Pendulum. Tarot. Runes. Wicca Cards. Power Animals.

It became obvious that this is another tool to use to reach out to others. We all want answers and I happen to see archetypes¬† [in the here and now and in my vision] and hear words that direct me … and often others.¬† I feel directed to share … so here it is.

Stay In Touch!

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