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“Bless the unknown. As you raise your foot for your next step- smile, knowing that the path has already been laid

It’s all about trusting…like there’s water in the pool when you leave the diving board …

Only this never results in a belly flop.”  ~ A Whisper From Your Soul via RescueInstitute.org

I was also reading, as an example of taking this same step of faith and commitment [mostly and importantly in oneself and your genius abilities] with reference to a scene from the third Indiana Jones movie ” …in which Indie must step out into thin air, in a gesture of commitment, before a bridge magically appears beneath his feet.”

I don’t think the universe of wow needs to poke me much more than that for now … but I can always rest assured that it will poke me again soon!

Muse …

Quote …

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‎”… if you have a deep love for signing or dancing or basket weaving then you should pursue that. But if you’re pursuing it because you think there might be some supplementary celebrity experience, then you are misinformed and you are due to experience great dissatisfaction.” ~~ Russell Brand

Flow’er/Flower … it’s my job

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“… But it’s not your job to keep everyone happy while you are left unfulfilled.” … another horoscope line to grab me and spin me right round …

I have this malware in my [sub]consciousness that believes it IS my job … I have however been reprogramming and most of the bugs are out. I release people to their own truths and fulfillment as much as I can. And if that means they wish to be miserable for the moment, then so be it.
Still a few g-glitches, however … pop-up windows asking ‘are you sure you want to leave them to be [fill in the blank]?’ … sometimes it takes me a thoughtful moment before i hit ‘cancel’.

” … Flow, Gayle…you are a flow’er, and a flower.” ~ from Earth Empress Infusions – a regular dose of inspiration

I love that idea of Flow’er and Flower … in fact, one of the card designs i had had the FLOW in Reiki Flower in a colour block. Still like that idea.



Leaving My Behind In The Past …

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“Make plans for your future than have nothing to do with your past.” … the last sentence of the Pisces horoscope this morning.

easier said but working on the done *wink*

I have books shelves right next to my bed. facing me against the wall [i use them as a form of insulation]. As I was coming back into myself before getting out of bed, I saw that one was askew, “Yoga For Your Spiritual Muscles”, an older book but a good one, so I pulled it out and leafed through it only to pass by a face that was brightly familiar to me … Jaganath Carrera.
I was introduced to him peripherally through Integral yoga but became more familiar with him when I was a patient at an acupuncture school where he taught. More gentle hands I have rarely met and a manner that imparted complete trust and ease. … and those smiling eyes do not lie. he is Angel/Bodhisattva on earth.

I had to read the passage then where he was commenting on compassion …

“If I have a weak, fearful mind, I won’t be compassionate. I must be strong enough to leave myself and meet the other person. I also try to be compassionate with myself. Compassion is not a martyr syndrome. The true power of Compassion begins to appear when you expand your human family to the point that you feel there are no more strangers in the world.”

This, and his creation of a Yoga Ministry gave me a whole bunch of lighted light bulbs. My Reiki/Energy Muse classes are going to be dynamic! *smile*

In the meantime … I am renovating my web site at Reiki Flower [under the ‘Service’ Button with the great ‘lotusreiki’ flower logo] Please look for what’s new and improved there on Monday the 25th.


Feeling disconnected?

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Disconnected – Kitsmumma

Grape (Vitaceae)

Quality – Love, devotion

Pattern of Disharmony – Negative emotions such as envy, greed, lust, jealousy; for issues of abandonment, including separation, divorce or death; neediness; cruelty; loneliness; feeling disconnected; feeling alienated; noncommittal; vulnerability

Message of Self-Mastery – Realization of the source of love within us; purity; loving without condition, demand or expectation; patience with other’s shortcomings; for transcendence

Spirit-In-Nature Essences

Any questions? *smile*



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LOL … well … I strive for that then, don’t I?

Today has been an adjustment. The darkness from yesterday gives way to a ‘pain’ but something bearable. Today is about the quiet of the awakening and how petals open. Today there was a soft spring rain [spritz] but a bit of a chill, and then late in the afternoon out came the sun. Briefly. Sweetly.

pins and little needle pricks on my skin feeling as if i am being bit by something minute.
there is nothing there
[that i can see]
perhaps the heavenly winged ones are gracing me with their method of acupuncture?

Angel of Acupuncture/Nanne Nyander
angel of acupuncture by nanne nyander



Power of the Nap …

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Today I woke feeling the soul sucking vacuum of inertia and numb. Not unusual for me. Having lived on the frontline of depression, it’s not an unfamiliar feeling. Having left the pills behind, I now combat it and these feelings of being sucked up in a different manner though.
For me, the best way out is through …

I took a nap. Not a long nap. Just a nap. I lay my head down on the pillow and said “I give in. I feel sucked into the vacuum and I am stuck. Suck me in entirely or let me drop. I’m done! You decide.”

[mind you … I’m never sure who I’m really speaking to … but it’s nice to just have it out there. yes?]

I’m up now. Eating a bologna and cheese sandwich on WHITE [yes. you heard me right] bread and lo and behold the mail arrives and there is a book from Megan Monique that I won from her and … it’s called:

    The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take It To The Next Level

… and that is all *smile* Muse


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