fearful of flight …

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We are afraid of truth, afraid of fortune, afraid of death, and afraid of each other. Our age yields no great and perfect persons. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Write what needs to be written, they said … so much fear and quotes on fear and prayers to gaurd us from fear have been popping up in my streams …

what is it we are afraid of?

what  we are NOT afraid of?

my fears are that i will never get what i want … that time will slip along and those who are waiting for the butterfly to migrate will never get the chance …

that i may never fly.

clipped wings?

or never birthed in the first place … ?

but fear is misplaced excitement … so then … !



everyday your love has satisfaction …

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… i believe in miracles … where you from, you sexy thing? …[ sexy thing you …] – hot chocolate/sexy thing

i SO date myself and could give a flying firetruck … ;]

one of the things i love that i do for myself is the little notes i leave for me on my computer … my sign in for comcast says ‘Hello Gorgeous!’ the point is i am always leaving myself little winks and ‘hey there sexys’ and whether i believe it or not overall, i see it and smile for and to myself and … after a while the neurolinguistic alchemy begins to work it’s magic.

i am SO gorgeous ;)

where YOU been, you sexy thing … [sexy thing you ;]

i have loved the stars too fondly …

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“Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light; I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.”
Sarah Williams

i have lived with soul darknesses my entire life. sometimes this will manifest as true depression. recently it lasted for 3-4 years and i was taking Prozac in order to quell the urge to step in front of a moving car and allow it it take my life [referred to as passive suicidal]
one must remember to open one’s eyes when she is in the darkness to see the stars … one must be reminded.

remember sweetness. remember.

muse. <3 g!

precious gem

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“… i loved you … grey sweat pants … no make-up … so perfect … … all at once comfortable and so broken in …” – comfortable/john mayer

this and a question from my mother in a channel this afternoon brought the tears that have been waiting/wanting to spill.

it’s such a beautiful day … <3

ps … no wonder my eyes have been itching. unshed tears ‘itching’ to be released. :)

daily pages

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insight from daily pages [3 pages every morning. spontaneous writing. no deletion. VERY tangential! ;] … i am out of sync.


out of sync

will expand in a blog post on I M Muse …

dreamtime …

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Horse: Horse spirit is power through awareness. Horse brings strength and force into the energy field of the rider, which gives the rider the freedom to journey to far places. The gift of the horse is to release any desire to be in control. Instead, the best possible intention of the rider is to surrender to the horse’s being which, in turn, allows the horse its carry its charge forward on his/her true path. Thus, horse medicine is complete surrender of ego.”
Animal Totems/Cathy Ginter

complete surrender of ego … yet in my dreamtime, Horse informed me that i am not to ride Him yet. instead, i was directed to groom and care for Him. He stood next to me as i sat next to the fire on my mountain. i brushed him in long luxurious strokes, whispering into his ear of his beauty and power of Being … when i was done i covered Him with a blanket and stroked his mane.

and then we slept.

i still have some tending and nurturing to do before i can ride. i look forward to that day …

<3 gayle

in the minute …

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i am not liking how i look today … and even more so, i am not liking how i feel when i think about not liking how i look today.

i am being unkind to myself and as i wince at the ‘cellulite’ that appears to be my belly … i touch my belly and then apologise and remind it [and Me] that, ‘ i love you, no. matter. what.’

it makes us both feel better. … and i am bringing my yoga mat back up to work with me next week. it’s just time to be That.

<3 gayle

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