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I will be participating in a different sort of prompt for the month of August …  August Break 2011 … as promoted by Susannah Conway.


No Words

any camera so that means my new phone will get a work out

and so will my eyes

seeing things thru a different lens

inspiration from unexpected places


Starts August First …



Invitation to I M Muse

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I thought that it was me and that I had missed the prompts or somehow deleted them the past two days … not the case. they really just never happened on the site …

So, I here’s my offer …  visit I M Muse  for some writing there [blog] [PS. While you are there … SUBSCRIBE!] … I have something personal that I have been musing over the past couple of days. however …

WARNING!  I an looking into combining the two writing spots into one … my plan is to move everything over to one or the other or create something new entirely … thought I would warn you. But seeing as I have not figured out how I want to do that [being my own webmaster *bows*] … it may be a while yet ;]




… she’s moving out in all directions

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Fire Up by Ben von Burg

“Books are the best of things, well used. What is the right use? What is the one end, which all means go to effect? They are for nothing but to inspire.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

As a writer, your only duty is to be original, to inspire, to put something new on paper. Don’t be reasonable – your job is to fire up people’s imaginations, to give them permission to dream, and to lift their heads up to the incredible sight of the stars. They may forget what you wrote about – but they won’t forget how you made them feel.

It’s your turn now. Dream, be unreasonable and write what comes to you for 15 minutes.


playing with the sand gently in her hands and allowing it to filter through her fingers

over and over and over again,

she wondered what it would be like to simply fly into the pinks, purples and orange of the shore sunset. she glanced around at the hundreds of people all waiting for the spectacle to begin.

not her spectacle but the works of glittery fire that would soon boom across the sky. such anticipation for such a short lived spectacle

yet this gathering … this solidarity of  desire to see explosions …

 … and here she sat full of light and quietly sifting sand, marveling at the [distant]

natural glow


… she wanted to lift off and fly and big bang boom and … oh! the ooohs and ahhhhs then!

oh. the ooooohs and aaaaaahs.

in her imagination, and if you looked into her sunburst blue eyes

right then. right that very moment.

there was knowing and awe. there instantly was a place beyond this gathering of anticipation into a spectacle that few would ever notice let alone see. in this dimming light against the pinks, purple and oranges of the shore sunset … with her eyes in gentle repose

she flew


<3 g!

BE the change …

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Change Your Thinking by Maryellen Smith

“If you can’t change your fate, change your attitude.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

At any given point in time, you’re only one thought away from changing your thinking. What thought can you change today?


CAN i change?

i CAN change any thought at any time. a bad thought to a good thought a good thought to a miserable thought.

a great thought into a miracle

can change any thought


the one thought i decided to change … just for today [as the reiki precepts advise …]

is the thought


i am getting another cold

i have changed it to be the thought , instead


i am simply tired and by the time i wake up this supposed sore throat, fuzzy. tight ears and stiffness

will be gone





original thought

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Original Thought by Michael Brajkovich

“The arts and inventions of each period are only its costume, and do not invigorate men.”

Think of the last time that you thought, said, or did something that was original. What inspired or invigorated this?


that would be this week.

the inspiration was quite profoundly a reiki energy healing teaching/mentoring session.

i was asked about sheilding one’s energy. how one does it and techiniques and

i was asked about grounding and how i  know when i AM

such simple things really but i have never been asked to actually put it into words and explain that which is not something i think that much about but simply …


what struck me in the moment was the amount of resistance i felt about shielding and the difficulty i was having in explaining any of that concept

it hung around me like a cloak for the whole day

on the quiet drive while my consciousness was on auto pilot in the afternoon, my unconscious played with it and poured through pages and papers left scattered on the huge work space in my head …

it suddenly occured to me what the whole process was and how if one IS grounded and free of one’s own agenda there is no need for sheilding at all

and then

the rest of the thought process unfolded like a red carpet for me to walk

i am in the process of writing it up

it’ll be posted on my services site soon as an informative page


it was the challenge to put the feeling and knowing into words that other people will understand. being nudged into thinking and sorting. teaching.

i learn so much when i teach

blessed be



ordinary things

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Ordinary Things by Ana Guardia

“Every artist was first an amateur.”

To be an artist one has to find beauty in ordinary things. Find 10 things of great beauty in the landscape that surrounds you. For example, crumple sheets on your bed in the morning, the smell of coffee making its way around a busy office.


at this very moment

1. a tall glass of cool water

2. soft polar fleece blue blanket draped over a chair

3. a plate and a fork where a piece of coconut custard pie had been

4. grass filled with duck and goose feathers  5. grumbled ‘hellos’ from the ducks as i walk by every day at 4 while they have an afternoon siesta

 6. winding back roads canopied by tall trees

7. cartoons!

8. ‘snuff snuff snuff’ from a cat in my ear ..’.please please please i want your love thing!’ 9. warm body pressed close and the comfort of purring deep in a belly

10. little black lined terracotta nose and white whiskers sleeping




before i go to bed

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Deep in Your Soul by Michael McFadden

“I hate quotations. Tell me what you know.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

What message is yearning inside you?  What is something you know deep in your soul?  Don’t look for someone else to describe it.  You do it.  Write it down.  Write it as a poem, a sentence or even just a string of words.  Just make sure you get it to paper.


message? yearning?

inside me?

what my soul sings?








believe me





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